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Our Black Friday Sale started already!!
Our Black Friday Sale started already!!

Austin House TSA Approved Bottle Set (AH33BS92)

SKU AH33BS92-095


    • 3-1-1 LIQUIDS RULE 
    • Max liquid volume excepted on-board:
    • Every container cannot exceed 3oz (100ml).
    • All containers must fit in a 1 quart (946ml) clear zip-top plastic bag.
    • Only 1 pc. quart-size bag is allowed per passenger. 
    • Kits contains:
    • 4 pcs. 15ml jars
    • 3 pcs. 60ml bottles
    • 2 pcs. 100ml bottles
    • 1 pc. zip-top plastic bag (acceptable carry-on size). 
    • Labels provided to identify liquids .
    • Use this kit to avoid delays at the security check.