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Free Shipping on Orders $90+

Travelon Compression Travel Socks

SKU 12527
Color: Black/Gray


The benefits of compression socks are vast and can help keep a multitude of symptoms at bay. They promote blood flow from the feet to your heart and can help to overcome the uncomfortable effects that traveling can cause. When you're thousands of feet in the air, the pressure affects your legs and can increase the chance of swelling. But because these socks are designed to hug your legs tightly, they help your veins and muscles circulate blood more effectively. The stimulation of blood flow also helps for prolonged sitting or standing — and keeps muscles from getting sore after strenuous activities like a long day of walking or hiking.

Perfect for long flights, sports and extended periods of sitting, to keep blood flowing and prevent dangerous blood clots.

• Copper infused fabric anti-fatigue

• Compression provides enhanced circulation boost to legs to reduce swelling and pain

• Copper revives tired feet and legs, controls unpleasant orders and also relieves aches and pains

• Great for home, work, travel, while running or participating in sports

12527-Medium-USA Men's 6 1/2-9 1/2; USA Women's 7 1/2-9 1/2

12528-Large-USA Men's 10-12 1/2; USA Women's 11-13 1/2

Material: Polyamide / Elastane