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FREE SHIPPING on Orders $99+

Healthy Back Bag - Medium Distressed Nylon (19")

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SKU 6104
Color: Taupe

A Healthy Back Bag® is the perfect combination of fashion, comfort and function, making your style effortless. Designed to mold to the shape of your spine, minimizing the strain on your back, neck, shoulders, and spine. Our unique shape keeps weight evenly distributed across your back.  

Description: Distressed Nylon is hardwearing, machine washable and very lightweight. The fabric has characteristic tonal and textural variations which gives the bags a casual, relaxed look.

Material: Nylon

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 7"

Capacity: 9 liters

Weight: 0.86lbs

With the main compartments' zipper always against your back, your stuff is safe and accessible. Also, having the double zips meet in the middle, make accessing your belongings a breeze.

Cleverly designed pockets inside and out means that your stuff is organized the way you want it, and everything has its' own special location.

An easy-see silver lining reflects natural light, making rummaging through a black hole a thing of the past!

Hard-wearing, machine washable, water resistant... Just some of the properties of this beautifully textured distressed nylon. Ready-for-anything, lightweight and affordable which makes them perfect for everyday wear and an active, outdoor lifestyle.