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FREE SHIPPING on Orders $99+

BG Berlin Shopper's Tote

SKU BG1.1.104-Juicy Beats

Are you tired of seeing plastic and paper bags dominate the high street?

BG Berlin has a passion for creating eco-friendly products that support the environment. BG Berlin Eco-Bag provides a multifunctional product that is transforming the way we shop for the better, putting an end to the disposable bags that continue to damage the earth’s fragile eco-system. The Eco-Bag is changing the face of the reusable bag industry for the better. The BG Eco-Bag can be transformed into three different shapes.

  • Shopping Bag (groceries)
  • Signature Bag (every day on the go)
  • Tote Bag (fashionable handbag)
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: H 65 x W 50 cm
  • Capacity: Max. Load 20 kg