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FREE SHIPPING on Orders $99+

Travelon Europe Grounded Adapter Plug

SKU 12151-Lime


On your next European trip, adapt your US plug appliances to European outlet compatibility with this adapter. Use with dual-voltage appliances, converters, and transformers. Charge your phone, camera, tablet, or even laptop with it, and stay on top of phone messages, GPS, social media, and more. (TIP: Always check your carrier’s policies regarding international usage.


• Features universal receptacle that accepts any plug

• Use with dual voltage appliances, converters and transformers

• CE Rated

• Brightly colored so you'll never forget your adapter again

• Adapter plugs do not convert electricity

• Note: Some countries use more than one outlet configuration. Check with your travel agent, consulate, or hotel for the most accurate information about your destination's electricity and outlet configuration.

Size: 2" x 2" x 3"
Material: Plastic
Weight (lbs): 0.11